Hair, Hair, and Matts?
   02/23/2022 20:58:40    Comments 0

Owning a pet can be a very difficult and a tiresome full-time job. We always focus on the essentials of taking care of a pet which is food, water, shelter, and lots and lots of playtime. Although we may sometimes forget that they too, need to have a good brush every so often.

Here at CF Grooming we have encountered many cases where our fur babies may need extra time to be brushed because they have a severe case of matting all over their body which can cause irritation in the skin, infections, and possible hair loss when there isn’t proper brushing at home. Our groomers here at CF Grooming recommend brushing to be done daily or a minimum of once a week, for breeds of doodles and poodles need a daily brush, as well as brushing before every bath.

As for proper brushing tools we suggest that Long-haired breeds need pin brushes. Short, medium, and some long-coated breeds need bristle brushes. We also recommend regular brushing to help control your pet’s constant shedding.

Stop by our store where we have proper tools for your fur babies and where you can speak to both our groomers and bathers, if available for proper care of your pet’s hair.


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