Fun at Daycare!
   02/23/2022 20:42:29    Comments 0

If your doggy has endless energy, may have separation anxiety, or may even be anxious when lonely, our daycare facility may be a great choice for you and your pet!

We encourage socializing with pets of all sizes when first introduced to our facility. Depending on your dogs’ size and level of socialization, as well as your personal request we begin by slowly introducing them with the small-sized dogs up to the biggest size that way may have during the day. We encourage our services as a benefit to your puppy they will have a daily exercising, socializing and endless playtime. Snacks and food time are provided by you if needed. We also require for all of our daycare members to be up to date with their vaccination records which are; Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper (DHPP/DHLPP). We also require them to be natured or spayed as to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. The daycare facilities are also included in your boarding package, there is plenty of space in our backyard, as well as separation is provided between the gates that are set up aside to keep our dogs in separate age, size, and social groups as to keep them comfortable during the day. Daycare interviews are also set up for your dog’s first time with us it is free of charge to monitor how well they play with others 1-2 hours of play is done after our passing confirmation call you can either pick them up or get one of our daycares full or half day package. Requirements spoken of previously are still needed for the daycare interview.

Anyone is welcomed to come and tour our facility.
If interested, give us a call and we will start on your profile today!


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